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We believe that while tattoos are art, they are more than just an art form.

Tattoos accompany us all our lives, we use them to remember the deceased and new people who have come into our lives, that we should never let ourselves get down, that we shouldn’t take life, or ourselves, so seriously and much more.

We want to offer you a framework that does justice to this. Our tattoo artists take the time to advise and develop your designs with you.In addition, of course, we draw every design ourselves, unless you bring a tattoo template that you very much love, which you would like to have taken over exactly.

Regardless of whether your tattoo is small or large, simple or complex, we are always happy to take time for you to give you the best possible advice.

Our tattoo artists are always particularly specialized in one area, but as all-round talents they can also cover other tattoo styles. Just ask us which one you imagine.

In addition, we are organized in the Federal Tattoo Association and regularly take part in advanced training courses.

It is very important to us that the studio is a safe space for you and that you feel comfortable.

We look forward to welcome you to our shop.

Our Resident Artists